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Women Warriors Week Nine | Dual Feature: Kathy Hughes & Tammy Engle

Each week, the Guiding Circle of the Fund for Women and Girls selects one Woman Warrior from submitted nominations to spotlight. This week is our second dual feature!

Comforting and Protecting Residents During COVID-19

Two women put their efforts into serving others

As a visiting Registered Nurse, Kathy Hughes has been on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. She provides exceptional patient care to the homebound, and during this crisis, Kathy has stepped up to lead in a big way. By calming fears, listening compassionately and soothing the concerns of her patients, as well as their caregivers and families, she has been a steadfast beacon of hope for many. Even while taking on these additional roles and risking her own exposure to the virus, Kathy instructs and models best practices for necessary precautions again and again.

Kathy is a true Woman Warrior on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, comforting and supporting her patients and their families. It is women like her who will help our community make it through this #Together.

Tammy Kennedy Engle is a Mahoning Valley volunteer who has made over a thousand masks for those in need both locally and all over the United States. Since the onset of the virus, Tammy has sewn and donated masks to retirement homes, Hospice providers, COVID and heart floors at hospitals, as well as neonatal units so that visiting parents would have appropriate protection to visit their babies without trying to locate a mask during this uncertain time.

Tammy also volunteers with Diva Donations, an organization that lends formal gowns to local young women in exchange for volunteer hours. As a Fairy Godmother at the organization, Tammy has always encouraged the founder’s dream and continues to help it grow. In addition to the many direct healthcare institutions she supplied with masks, she made many more for Diva Donations, while also donating “Angels of Encouragement,” small angels she created and paired with a poem of encouragement.

Tammy sees a need and sets out to fill the gap without fanfare or attention. With such a pure heart, the Diva Donations organization and others she has helped are incredibly lucky to have such a fighter in our world.

Tammy is a true Woman Warrior on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, offering up her talent and her personal time to help keep people protected. It is women like her who will help our community make it through this #Together.

If you know a woman doing great things during these uncertain times, get your nomination in for next week’s final edition of  Women Warriors today!