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Innovations 2018

Session Descriptions

Keynote: Embracing Collaborative Discomfort

Health is a production of society that requires change through collaboration, action, and yes…discomfort. To produce health, well-being, and quality of life, let’s have the conversation about foundational tools for successful collaboration — readiness, common language, introspection, relationships, and equity. Through that, you will continue or possibly begin your individual and collective perspective transformation. It’s time to collaborate, be real about it, and embrace the discomfort of change.
Presenter: Natalie S. Burke, President & CEO, CommonHealth ACTION

Session 1: From Awareness to Action: Developing a Healthy Community Partnership

Having a shared commitment to a healthier Mahoning Valley is the first step, but how do we ensure the Mahoning Valley can effectively collaborate for change? Patricia Sweeney and Frank Migliozzi will describe the creation of the Healthy Community Partnership, and its efforts to develop capacity, process and leadership- all necessary elements for effective collaboration. They will also outline how the partnership determined its initial focus of Healthy Eating and Active Living, and invite attendees to join together in combating two of the most pressing issues impacting the health of Mahoning Valley residents- healthy, affordable food and safe, suitable surroundings that promote an active lifestyle.
Presenters: Patricia Sweeney, Health Commissioner, Mahoning County District Board of Health and Frank Migliozzi, Health Commissioner, Trumbull County Combined Health District

Session 2: Walk! Bike! Ride!

This interactive session will examine basic concepts of active transportation and how human-powered means of transportation, such as walking or bicycling, can increase physical activity and create a healthier, more connected community. Attendees will work together to explore various tools and strategies and how they can be used to support and encourage active transportation in the Mahoning Valley.
Presenter: David Shipps, AICP, Ohio Office Director, Toole Design Group

Session 3: Healthy Food Retail: Improving the Availability of Healthy Food in Retail Settings

Everyone should have healthy, affordable food in close proximity to their home, but unfortunately, that is not the case in every neighborhood. Ann Stahlheber of Cuyahoga County Board of Health will join us to describe different ways the Cleveland community is working together to ensure healthy foods are in corner and convenience stores as well as support new grocery stores opening in underserved communities.
Presenter: Ann Stahlheber, Grant Program Manager, Prevention & Wellness & Healthy Communities, Cuyahoga County Board of Health

Session 4: A Place to Play: How Parks and Green Spaces Can Improve Public Health

How can we increase physical activity, and ultimately reduce obesity, by encouraging both adults and children alike to better utilize parks and green spaces in their neighborhoods? How can we also ensure that everyone has adequate spaces in their community to be active? This roundtable discussion will discuss strategies and tactics to improve usage and develop new spaces, as well as highlight successful projects in the Mahoning Valley and Northeast Ohio.
Presenters: Ian Beniston, Executive Director, Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation
Tiffany Graham, Project Director, LAND studio
Matt Martin, Executive Director, Trumbull Neighborhood Development
April Mendez, President, Fresh Coast Communities
Moderator: Chris Thompson, President, Civic Collaboration Consultants, LLC