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Funds of the Community Foundation

Community foundations offer a variety of funds that are flexible to meet every donor’s charitable goals. Funds can be established by an individual or couple, a family, a business or any other group of people with shared charitable interests.

Donor Advised Funds

Enable individual or family donors to recommend specific organizations to receive grants.

  • Alexis Morgan Stiner Memorial Fund
  • John S. and Doris M. Andrews Memorial Fund
  • Nancy W. and Bruce R. Beeghly Family Fund
  • The James and Karen Cohen Family Fund
  • The Collier Expendable Fund
  • The Collier Endowment Fund
  • Cortland-Bazetta Historical Society & Museum Endowment Fund
  • Suzanne and Al Fleming Family Fund
  • David A. and Janet L. Flynn Family Fund
  • The GSW Fund
  • The Harrell-Shape Family Endowment Fund
  • Huntington Bank Fund
  • Josephine A. Houser Memorial Fund
  • Kennedy Family Fund
  • Knecht Family Fund
  • The Legow Family Fund
  • Love Life Foundation Fund
  • Mayhew Family Foundation
  • McAuley Family Fund
  • Ralph E. and Esther K. Meacham Memorial Fund
  • Ricchiuti Family Fund
  • Dennis and Luann Rossi Family Fund
  • E. Jeffrey and Carol A. Rossi Family Fund
  • J. David and Madelon Sabine Family Fund
  • The Diane and Kurt Sauer Endowment Fund
  • The Seals Family Donor Advised Endowment Fund
  • SJK Charitable Fund
  • Snyder Family Fund
  • Stephen Moore Memorial Fund
  • Jeffrey M. Stevens Memorial Fund
  • The Jeff and Tina Wilkins Family Fund
  • Denise and John York Fund
  • Bert and Joanne Zusman Fund

Designated Funds

Enable donors to support specific organizations while the Community Foundation Board ensures that grants to these groups remain relevant over time and responsive to changing circumstances.

  • Abe and Leona M. Adler Literary Fund
  • A.L. Brooks and W.E. Bliss Fund
  • The Brozik Fund for the Foundation
  • Canfield Education Innovation Fund
  • Christine Blair Legow and Elliot P. Legow Fund
  • The Collier Millcreek MetroParks Bikeway Endowment Fund
  • The John D. Beeghly Fund
  • The Legal Creative Fund
  • Lt. J. G. Douglas M. Webster Memorial Fund
  • The Perkins Park Playground Endowment Fund
  • Poland Village Gardeners Centennial Gardens Fund
  • Robert Tornello Endowment Fund
  • Warren Philharmonic Orchestra Fund
  • The Wean Park Fund

Committee Advised Funds

Enable a committee, comprised of people with shared charitable interests, to recommend specific organizations to receive grants.

  • The Boardman Fund
  • Boardman Schools Fund for Educational Excellence
  • Boardman Schools Fund for Educational Excellence- Chengelis Trust Endowment Fund
  • Champion Educational Enrichment Fund
  • The Diabetes Partnership of the Mahoning Valley Fund
  • First Place Community Fund
  • The Fund for Warren’s Future
  • Hospice Trust of Trumbull County
  • Hospice Trust- Schlect Fund
  • Internal Medicine Development Fund
  • The International Institute Funds
  • Mahoning County Career and Technical Center Foundation Fund
  • The Mahoning Matters Journalism Impact Fund
  • VEC Community Fund
  • Woman’s Board of Youngstown Fund
  • Young Philanthropist Fund

Scholarship Funds

Help students pursue academic goals. Donors may define guidelines while the Community Foundation Board ensures that grants to these groups remain relevant over time and responsive to changing circumstances.

  • Athena Scholarship Fund
  • The William J. Ayers Scholarship Fund
  • Better Business Bureau Ethics and Integrity Scholarship Fund
  • The Frank Bubba Scholarship Fund
  • The Candea-Faroga Scholarship Fund
  • The Harold B. Cassidy and Maryellen Cassidy Scholarship Fund
  • Cardinal Mooney Class of 1965 Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • C.M. (Jerry) Collins Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Al and Helen Davis Family Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Gail T. Dennison Mahoning County Saddle Horse Committee Scholarship Fund
  • Goldberg Scholarship Fund for MVCAP
  • The Melinda Henning Scholarship Fund
  • The C. Robert Wyndham and Fred Kubli, Jr. Scholarship Fund
  • The Charles and Priscilla Latham Scholarship Fund
  • George L. Madigan Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Edward C. Miner Sr. Scholarship Fund
  • The John Pogue Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • The Russ-Brown Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Jean Rider Scholarship Fund
  • The Captain William Toti Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • The TRTA Scholarship Fund
  • Trumbull County Scholarship Fund for MVCAP
  • The Dr. John and Mary Alice Vlad Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • The Warren City Schools Foundation General Scholarship Fund
  • The Wilkins Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Veronica Willo Scholarship Fund
  • Woman’s Board of Youngstown Scholarship Fund
  • Youngstown Alumnae Panhellenic Scholarship Fund
  • The Carl and Barbara Ann Zoba Scholarship Endowment Fund

Field of Interest Funds

Allow the Community Foundation Board to make grants that meet needs in a particular field or geographic area.

  • The Arnett Family Fund
  • Delfin Gibert Fund for Disadvantaged Children and Youth
  • The Fund for Women and Girls

Unrestricted Funds

Provide the greatest flexibility in meeting community needs as those needs change well into the future, and allows grants to be made to wherever the Community Foundation Board determines our community’s needs are the greatest.

  • CFMV Changing Needs Fund
  • Willanna and William DiCiero Memorial Fund