In Youngstown: 201 E Commerce St., Suite 150 - Youngstown, OH 44503 • P: 330.743.5555 • F: 330.743.1802
In Warren: 147 W. Market St. - Warren, OH 44481 • P: 330.469.6832 • F: 330.394.5601


CFMV Address Changes With Temporary Move

The Community Foundation offices have recently moved, on a temporary basis, to a new space on the 4th floor of the Commerce Building in downtown Youngstown. Our address for now is:

201 E. Commerce St., Suite 450, Youngstown, OH 44503

Only the suite number has changed, and it will revert back to Suite 150 when the foundation moves back to the first floor in January. All of the other contact information remains the same.

The foundation’s space is being renovated to create additional room and a more functional layout.