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2019 Annual Report

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Welcome, and thanks for reading!

As they have for the rest of the world, things drastically changed for the Community Foundation over the past few months. We postponed publishing our annual report in March to focus on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, but we want to ensure we offer insight into the impact that continues to be possible because of community support.

The four-page spread below was published in The Business Journal’s Mid-July issue and offers a glimpse of our previous impact as well as our shifting efforts in 2020 to address evolving needs in relation to COVID-19. We’ve included more details on our grants, newly opened funds, financials and more following that spread, but we encourage you to reach out with any questions, spelling corrections, or suggestions you may have (

Thank you for your support of the Community Foundation and your investment in your fellow Valley neighbors in 2019 and 2020!

Racial Equity

Over the past several months, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and exacerbated the many social, economic, and health disparities that are the consequences of systemic racism in our communities. At the Community Foundation, we are committed to combating those disparities by operationalizing racial equity in our policies and practices. Our Racial Equity Statement further details that commitment.

We’ll continue this important conversation with updates on our internal action steps, and we urge our fellow community members to join us on this journey. Visit our Racial Equity page to learn about our commitment.

Our Grants

The Community Foundation supports public charities that carry out activities to benefit Mahoning and Trumbull Counties. Grants are categorized by their purpose: Education, Health and Human Services, Arts and Culture, Community Well-Being and Other.

New Funds

We opened 9 new funds in 2019, each with a unique goal and philanthropic purpose.

The Candea-Faroga Scholarship Fund
The GSW Fund
The Harold B. Cassidy and Maryellen Cassidy Scholarship Fund
The James and Karen Cohen Family Fund
The Legow Family Fund
The TRTA Scholarship Fund
The TRTA 2 Scholarship Fund
The Wean Park Fund
Willanna and William DiCiero Memorial Fund

Check the Agency Funds and CFMV Funds pages of our website for a more complete listing of the Foundation’s component funds.

Memorial & Honorary Donations

Below is a listing of those who were honored or memorialized by their friends and family with a gift to the Foundation.


The Community Foundation recognizes that our power to affect change is fueled solely by our supporters. The following contributed to one or more of the Foundation’s funds between January 1 and December 31, 2019. Thank you to each and every contributor for making a commitment to the Valley and its betterment!


While the Foundation’s financial statements are audited annually by Hill Barth & King LLC, the information presented in this report is unaudited at this time. The most recent audit and filed Form 990 are available for public inspection at the Foundation office by appointment. 

Additional information from previous years can be found on our Financials page. 

We apologize if we inadvertently left anyone off the above lists or if we have misspelled a name. Since this is an online publication, we can make changes; if you see a mistake, please contact us at or 330-743-5555.